The old, earthy tree stump has been having a moment—for about four years or so.

But rather than analyzing our obsession with fallen oaks and elms, let's turn our attention to the latest specimens: they're from Codor Design, the team that bears the name of Style Counselor Tamara Codor and they're at NuBe Green in the Oddfellows Building. 

I first encountered them with a group of folks at Floor 13, the design duo's showroom and event space. Owing to an odd mixture of intimidation and awe, it took awhile before any of us actually sat on one. But when we did, it was pure love. There was a white-painted one and this silver-topped one, and a few other models—all made smooth and shiny by what seems like a layer of liquid luxury, each with a slightly slanted or otherwise off-kilter top that somehow made sitting a perfect practice.

Actually, it's the wheels—red or blue!—that make sitting so especially sublime. The once stationary position is so much more fun (and efficient) when you're on a roll. And it's the light touch of color that makes them so chic. We've seen all the precious oil-rubbed and otherwise untouched wood grain that's out there. This modern treatment is an ultra-savvy progression of the trend.

Codor says the stumps came from a local client's property; he was only too happy to take out his chain saw and help repurpose the material. If you plunk down $500 you can be similarly thrilled to take one home.