The Year of You

3 Ways to Get Your New Year Going

Our three local picks for getting cleansed, centered, and renewed for a fresh 2014.

By Amanda Zurita January 6, 2014

It's that time of year where most of us are vowing to do something for the next 12 months: hit the gym daily, learn Italian, curb your chronic online shopping habits (just me?). But sometimes we could use a little bit of a jump start in leaving last year behind and launching into new beginnings.

In order to kick off a year's worth of resolutions and say goodbye to yesterday, we've rounded up three local options for getting cleansed, centered, and renewed for a fresh start in 2014.

Image via Urban Float

Float On
Spend an hour meditating, recalibrating, and just tuning out and turning off in one of Urban Float's sensory deprivation pods. The Fremont spa's futuristic tanks (basically a one-man hot tub with a lid) are filled with water treated with high amounts of Epsom salts that keeps users effortlessly afloat. Both the water and the air in the room is kept at skin temperature, resulting in a gravity-defying sensation.

Aside from time to think through your resolutions and look inward for an hour, the treatments also tout health benefits that include improved memory and concentration, alleviation of back and neck stiffness, and general stress relief.

Slough Off
Literally buff away 2013 with a body scrub treatment that'll reveal this year's glowing new you. Some of our choice options are on the Eastside:

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa's hydrating rose body treatment starts with a rose-based olive oil scrub for a thorough polish followed by a thick application of soothing, anti-inflammatory oils and creams.

The Chinese Body Ritual at Yuan Spa is like a mini vacation. Begin with a trip through the spa's two-pool, sauna, and steam room hydrotherapy circuit before getting a traditional detoxifying scrub complete with a relaxing scalp massage.

Get Juiced
is one of our favorite food and drink openings of the past year. The former farmers market stand went full-fledged cafe with a Capitol Hill location that features their signature organic juices and a new selection of healthy noshes.

Try one of Juicebox's cleanses (read about our own juicing experince) to revitalize your body and kick-start better eating habits. Their new guided cleanse includes motivational and educational support and access to a nutritional consultant. 

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