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Winter Skin Solutions at the Red Door Spa

Winter is nearing, and with it's chill comes dry, dull skin. We test out the hydrating rose renewal body treatment at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa as a potential (and incredibly relaxing) solution.

By Amanda Zurita November 6, 2012

No matter how much it rains in Seattle, winter skin tends to become chapped and dry (something about the Northwest being wet but not humid). And dry skin is dull, itchy, and generally not a good look. How to avoid it? We tested out Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa's hydrating rose renewal aromatherapy body treatment in an attempt to preserve the last of summer's healthy glow. 

Before the treatment even begins, guests enjoy cushy robes, cucumber water, and crunchy biscotti in the spa's relaxation room. This is likely to fool you into a false sense of comfort before your entire body gets sanded down like a home restoration project. The rose renewal process begins with just that (okay, I'm exaggerating): an exfoliating rub down using a rose-based olive oil scrub. The exfoliant uses the pit of olives rather than sugar or salt used in most body scrubs. This prevents the particles from dissolving, giving you a more thorough polish.

Rinse off in the luxurious in-room shower before hopping back into bed to become a temporary mummy. The technician layers on a full-body application of soothing, anti-inflammatory rose body oil and cream, then wraps you up to lock in moisture for maximum hydration. This is the relaxing portion of the treatment, as you receive a calming scalp, head, and neck massage, all while staying cozy in your nourishing cocoon.

Every Red Door treatment concludes with a complimentary makeup refresher including a high-tech custom color foundation. The makeup artist scans your skin, asks questions about skin type and preferred coverage, and then an amazing little machine spits out your individualized custom shade.

A week later my skin remains soft and hydrated, and I'm feeling better prepared to take on the winter chill. Book your $125 treatment now or stop by the Eastside spa to purchase the renewal products for use at home—find natural exfoliating grains for $28, and the renew rose massage and body oil for $64.

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