Three Seattle Gifts: Scout, Chandeliers by NK, and E. Smith Mercantile

See what Seattle makers and designers have in store for your guest list with our new holiday-season series.

By Laura Cassidy December 5, 2013

Hey what is this, a bad joke? A bandana, a lip balm, and a chandelier walk under a holiday tree ...

No, this is the first in a series of holiday-oriented grab bags designed to get you—and your friends and relations—what they need (and want).

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Scout's navy bandana via scout-seattle.com

First up: One of Scout's new 100 percent Japanese cotton bandanas. Love the earthy/celestial vibe, love the Seattle shout-out (makes this a good option for hipster homies in other locales, but wouldn't a cool old grandpa love it, too?), love the useful but hypnotic groove. (There are two other styles but we like this one best.) Find them on the locally produced Scout site and at the new and beautiful Glasswing shop at Melrose Market.

Essential Apothecary Alchemist goods via E. Smith Mercantile

Never, and we really do mean never, underestimate the power of a good lip balm. And we do mean good lip balm. The house apothecary line (as well as the other olde-timey medicine cabinet offerings) at E. Smith Mercantile is as good as everything else about this joint, so if you're in need of little items—moisturizer, hair pomeade—for a he or a she, you really out to check them out. Bonus: have dinner there after shopping. Especially if the meatballs are on the specials board. Course, you can shop virtually, too, but you'll have to make your own meatballs.

And finally (for today at least), this collapsible acrylic octopus chandelier by Seattle's Nicole Ketchum. This is definitely one of those for-the-person-who-has-everything items—or is it? “I started with this idea of having a decorative chandelier for Halloween," reads the designer's website. She enlisted her husband to help her make the notion real and, "after that, I was hooked." So maybe one of the three designs in one of the eleven colorways is right for that perpetual partyer in your life? Or the new home owner? Or the interior decor addict? Shop Ketchum's site if so.



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