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Three Seattle Gifts: Maiden Noir x Crescent Down Works, Vanessa Lianne at Far 4, and LSTN at Nordstrom

Puffy, pretty, and plugged-in. Check, check, and check.

By Laura Cassidy December 12, 2013

Outerwear is such a classic holiday gift, and this specimen is such a classic Seattle style. The design team at Maiden Noir totally has it dialed in; everything they put out has a just-so, slim modern fit, and the colorways and patterns get a dude into the sweet spot of dapper and rugged. That the local line teamed up with Northwest mainstay Crescent Down Works, well, like we said: Classic. The camo vest—available wiht an orange inner and an oxblood one, is just the thing for the guy that doesn't really want to blend right in. Find it on the Maiden Noir site, and check this Maiden Noir blog post detailing the process at Crescent with images.

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Maiden Noir's CDW Vest. Image via maidennoir.com

Women want jewelry. Special stuff—by which I don't necessarily mean blinged-out but rather crafted, few-of-a-kind, and totally wearable. The downtown shop Far 4 has been doing a series of holiday popups; the current one features the work of Brooklyn designer Vanessa Lianne; hammered, rough-hewn rings, earrings, and necklaces that are somehow as bold as they are subtle. The boutique—which is now also a Champagne bar!—has the best selection, but you'll find a few pieces online, too.

Vanessa Lianne jewelry at Far 4. Image via far4.net

Tech stuff is, as you know dear city of techsters, also totally giftable. So is music stuff, oh city of music people. And so, you Nordstrom devotees, please bring your attention to these limited-edition headphones by LSTN. Crafted with much attention to detail on the audio and fit side, they also feature reclaimed manufacturing remnants, so no two pairs are alike. And get this Toms-esque angle: for every pair of headphones sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. These badboys are only available at 12 Nordstrom shops in the country, the flagship being one of them. But you can get them online, too—for a limited time. If you hit the brick-and-mortar, be sure to cruise through the holiday-themed popup on the Metro level; it's the second such shop-in-shop (Nordies calls 'em "pop-ins") in a whole series of special offerings.

Zebrawood headphones at Nordstrom; courtesy LSTN.



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