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Style Tag: Sharon Park Loves Vintage Levis, Nina Simone, and More

Talking with the Capitol Hill student of fashion about self-expression and vintage finds.

By Laura Cassidy Photography by Kirby Ellis December 16, 2013

The latest Seattleite to be tagged in our style game is familiar to some who frequent a certain iconic Hill-top gathering spot but even those casual observers will know that the service industry is a brief stop-over for this writer, illustrator, and fashion student. Currently working with the handmade leather brand Teranishi on Vashon Island, Park is a student of craft and design, and (obviously) a lover of expression and style.

Name: Sharon Park

Tagged by: Michele Andrews


Wearing Most of my wardrobe is comprised of second-hand acquisitions: the Levi's 501 jeans, linen blazer, and tweed and leather jacket are all vintage finds. Pull-on boots by Calvin Klein. I found this accordion clutch in a vintage shop in Paris; its original handle broke off, but now I prefer it this way.

Style in three words Thoughtful but uncontrived. Or in other words, Under six minutes.

Closet I'd most like to raid It would be interesting to see what Nina Simone amassed throughout her lifetime. You can really see her self-evolution in her clothes; they personify her shifting attitudes with regards to her sense of identity, musical agenda, and political aspirations. That is characteristic of a true and earnest style statement.





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