Can we just say that the new Ada's Technical Books and Cafe looks freaking amazing.

Artists Jared Boone and Zach Archer added LED strips to the door wall. The owners can control the pattern, color, and movement of the LEDs on their computer.

Hats off to owners Danielle and David Hulton, late of the Loveless Building, who opened the new location for their geeky-cool bookstore recently on 15th Avenue in Capitol Hill.

They worked with architecture firm Board and Vellum and general contractor Model Remodel to renovate the original 1922 building—last a charmingly dilapidated used book store—mixing vintage-inspired design elements with techy touches.

Salvaged wood from the existing property was repurposed as shelving and countertops, while old doors found a place in an LED-studded feature wall down the spine of the store. And those glass-topped cafe tables? Each displays artifacts based on different themes: a telescope and vintage star map for astrology, slide rules for math, mounted paper butterflies for biology, and so on.

Like we said, freaking amazing—and so Seattle.

Ada's was named after Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.
Image: Cindy Apple
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