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Trunk Show: April Pride at Far 4

The Dress is ready for the holidays. Are you? (Because if you're not, you should be sure to also check out Far 4's vintage collection.)

By Laura Cassidy October 4, 2013

April Pride and The Dress are everywhere right now, but you haven't seen the new holiday looks. 

New fabrics—and new accessory—debut at Far 4 on October 10.

You'll recall that The Dress is a customizable sort of thing; so the holiday season options are all about you selecting the color, weight, and texture that works for you, and Pride—and Far 4's superchic Jenny Klimenkoff, we're sure—will toss out a million and one ways to layer with it and make it even more your own.

Head to Far 4 on October 4 to see the many ways in which The Dress by April Pride gets dressed up and belted for the holiday season. Image via

The new accessory? It's a vintage-inspired leather obi belt. So count that as just one of those aforementioned personalization tricks.

And here might be a good time to mention that Far 4's quickly growing (and let's just say exclusively curated) vintage collection is not to be missed.

With designers from Issey Miyake to Chanel, the two racks of extraordinary finds are—for now at least—a sort of hidden-in-plain-sight goldmine.

With any luck, you'll score looks for all the coming season's soirees and shindigs before the days really turn dark on us. Bonus points for shopping ahead, and for the extra burst of wardrobe color.


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