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Behind the Scenes: Rachel Ravitch

Inside Capitol Hill home and work studio of Seattle designer Rachel Ravitch.

By Kirby Ellis September 9, 2013

Inspired by movment and flexibility, accessories designer Rachel Ravitch makes fabric and textile jewelry that's lightweight and durable. Earlier this summer we photographed her peach knot necklace in our LA getaway weekend photo spread; now we go behind the scenes at her home studio.

What neighborhood is your studio in? 
My studio is in Capitol Hill. I love it here. It's super vibrant. I love taking a break in the afternoon and running into people I know. It's always such a treat.
What is your earliest memory of designing?
I always loved to make things. "Design" is somehow different from "making" because it connotes a different intention. I started making things as gifts for family and friends as early as high school, but I would say that I didn't start designing objects until much more recently.

My first attempts at product design began shortly after I graduated from the University of Washington. I started making block-printed journals, cards, and messenger bags  for kids. My friend Lenna's daughter Tuuli has one of the messenger bags.

What do you do to get yourself in a creative or productive headspace when you’re feeling stuck? 
Usually, if I feel stuck, I try to explore different options and not hold too tightly to any one idea. Sometimes I find it most important to allow my mind to wander. It is often in the meandering time that I come across the best solutions to problems I have been bumping up against. 
Five things you can’t work without: 
A solid rectangular work table, good quality scissors, blank sheets of paper (for scribbling notes), colored pencils, and a good black fountain pen. 

What's your favorite thing about your studio? 
It gets a lot of great light all day and I have killer speakers. Right now, my studio is at home which is also a real bonus. It has led me to believe that I would prefer to operate a business out of a house rather than a true commercial space. It might be an interesting way to cultivate a friendly work environment. 

Where can we find your accessories and where would you like us to find it in the future?
Right now you can shop on my website: and find a selection at The Frye Art Museum Shop. In the very near future, you will find the leather bags that I am working on at Baby & Co in downtown Seattle and more of my jewelry at Little Paper Planes in San Fransisco.

[Ed note: Ravitch's necklaces and bracelets—now in leather!—are also available at the extended Craft and Culture showroom at Object.]

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