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Customized in Seattle

Where to get hand-painted shoes on par with MTV Video Music Award showstoppers like Macklemore and Mary Lambert.

By Laura Cassidy August 28, 2013

There were two very notable Seattle designers represented at the Video Music Awards the other night, and one of them could be highly relative to your wedding day look.

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Local pop star Macklemore wore a gorgeous Logan Neitzel suit in the most beautiful shade of pistachio, but we're pretty sure that the formerly Seattle-based, now NYC-based designer isn't looking for a lot of suiting commissions—unless you're a rapper or really looking to spend a pretty penny.

(On the other hand, Seattle operations such as Michael Cepress's, Gian De Caro's, Butch Blum, Wall Street Custom Clothier, and Trillium exist for made-to-measure menswear and we highly recommend this route for the big day.)

Hourglass Shoes, on the other hand, is all about custominzing your wedding day footwear.

A pair of customized shoes from the Hourglass collections; image via

Or, you know, your VMA footwear; they handpainted songstress Mary Lambert's rose red heels and flats (a pair to walk in and a pair to perform in). While you can't see them in the above shot of our Seattle folk on stage, check this MTV video of Lambert giving Hourglass some love.

The local heel handlers are all about custom orders. Have a vision about your day? Get in touch!


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