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Seattle designer and Project Runway contestant Logan Neitzel might be famous by 10:07 tonight.

August 20, 2009

Welcome to the first Thursday of the rest of your life: Tonight, at ten o’clock on Lifetime, Project Runway premieres. This season’s Seattle contestant is Logan Neitzel (since there have been three designers in a row from our fair city let’s just assume there will be one from here on out), and he can’t say much (confidentiality clauses, show ratings, spoilers, etc etc), but here’s what he said to me in a quick email chat earlier this week.

I’d say welcome back, but I guess we don’t know when you actually returned … and of course we can’t talk about that yet. When did the show actually shoot?

The complete process lasted about 5 months and the show wrapped up around late February 09 during New York Fashion.

Were you bummed that the show moved from NY to LA?

Personally I would of loved to experience the show in New York but I’m just blessed and thankful to have had this awesome opportunity. And, I see that it’s a great opportunity for Project Runway to do the show in LA for the first time, and being a part of that was great.

What was the best thing about living in LA?

Constant sunshine and new surroundings. I mean I come from Washington
where it rains 300 days out of the year so that was a breathe of fresh air in itself. I must admit I really enjoyed the garment district it was a designer’s dream.

What was the worst part about living in LA?

Not being able to experience much of it or enjoy the sunshine because we were sewing so much. Every waking moment of our time was dedicated to sewing so honestly we never really got the opportunity to see what LA had to offer.

Are you friends with Blayne from last season? Was it hard to follow the guy who put Seattle on the map as the fake-tan and "Holla!" capital of the country?

No comment

Speaking of Project Runway characters – the Blaynes, Kennedys, and Santinos of the last few years – what do we have to look forward to in terms of love-to-hate-’em types.

Designers that are cast on the show are normally very eccentric people and they really don’t change very much. You will have to see for yourself.

Who would you rather have as a neighbor, Heidi or Tim?

If it’s between Heidi in a bikini working in her garden next door to me, hello I’d rather live next to Heidi. But I still love you Tim!

What’s next for you now that the show is on the air and you’re back at home?

Currently I have a lot of projects in the works: my spring collection, launching my online boutique, and a couple of other things that I can’t discuss at this time. But you will see lot’s more of me very soon.


Perhaps we’ll check back with Logan later, when it’s discussing time.

You can see images from a few of Logan’s past collections and follow a link to his blog if you check out his site. Oh, and if he looks familiar, it might be because The Stranger named him one of Seattle’s Sexiest in 2005 (click here and scroll down to Sexiest Bar-Back)

[Images from Lifetime’s Project Runway site.]

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