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What Spruce Shop is Crushing On

Fall in love with the many ultra-cute goodies in this Bellingham shop.

By Julia Kernerman August 1, 2013

Our new Crushing On series highlights Seattle shops and off-the-beaten-path boutiques and asks owners what chic coiffures, budding blogs, and local eateries are making them tick right now.

Impeccable taste in stationary and design seems to be in Brittany O’Brien’s blood. The owner of Spruce Stationary and Design, O’Brien’s interest in invitations sparked at a young age, spending most of her childhood in the paper store where her mother worked. After relocating to the Northwest and working from her Bellingham home for eight years crafting custom stationary for weddings and other special events, she recently took the plunge and opened her first boutique. Featuring the cutest-of-cute party accessories, wrapping papers, and stationary, it’s hard not to fall in love with the charming shop.

We chatted with O’Brien to see what inspires her in the PNW, the best place to get cauliflower, and why she'll always be a die-hard Starbucks fan.

Owner Brittany O'Brien

Favorite style blog?
Seattleite Carolyn Yuen's blog Hey Pretty Thing, because I love a style blog with a good high-low mix, like pairing Forever 21 with Hermès. The timeless and trendy ménage will always be a favorite for me.

Best Instagram feed?
I'm always impressed by local photographer @ajragasa and @jelliottblake (of Scout Vintage) when scrolling through my feed—great everyday inspiration.

Who does your hair?
My local haunt is Honey since I live and work in Bellingham. It's an urban slice of hair heaven in the ‘ham. All the stylists are so creative and talented (mine happens to be Lisa Surridge). If I'm in Seattle for an event I always try to pop into Swink for a sexy blowout.

What item of clothing or accessory has been in heavy rotation this month?
My Noonday crocheted bracelet. Noonday is a Ugandan artist collective that pops up at farmer's markets and hosts various trunk shows.  I hope to have them host a show at the store soon since their jewelery makes spectacular bridesmaid gifts.

What item of clothing or accessory would you buy right now if you could?
I love feminine trenches and hoodies, after all it is the Pacific Northwest and even in summer both are nice to have on hand. Prairie Underground’s Cloak Hoodie and Beachcomber Trench are on my lust list. I’m a sucker for ruching. Show Pony in Fremont carries them.

Favorite coffee shop?
You will hate this answer but, I love Starbucks. I love that its first little sleepy coffee shop still stands in Pikes Place Market and I love that it has exploded. Good for them. I enjoy strong coffee—preferably Americanos with no room. If I could just inject the caffeine into my veins, I would! I like it to be served fast and taste the same every single time. I guess I'm a creature of habit.

Best restaurant for getting dressed up and wearing a great outfit?
The Whale Wins. Cauliflower is a favorite of mine and, I think, one of the most underrated veggies. The restaurant's roasted cauliflower will impress the most stringent of the cauliflower opposed (like my husband).

Where'd you go the last time you got out of town?
My husband and I have three young daughters so we're big fans of quick trips. Vancouver, the Bay Area, and staycations in Seattle are our favorites. Most recently we took the train from Bellingham to Portland since I've been dying to take a train trip. The ride was so lovely and relaxing. We stayed three nights at the Ace Hotel.

Soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon?
Sundays for me mean cooking up a labor intensive dinner and dancing with my daughters in the kitchen.  We’ve been dancing to the The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather," Major Lazer’s “Get Free," Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied," “All Eyes on You” by St. Lucia, and “Let’s Go” by Matt and Kim.

Seattleite you'd most like to meet?
Art Chantry. I'm obsessed with his graphic design and logos. Its really great for creative inspiration.



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