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What Bellevue Fashion Week's Liuba Palanciuc is Crushing On

We catch up with fashion designer Liuba Palanciuc on the verge of her Independent Designer Runway debut.

By Julia Kernerman August 13, 2013

Like many fashion-minded, Liuba Palanciuc knew she wanted a life in design from an early age. Her ultimate goal: to see her looks on the runway. Mission accomplished in 2011, as her completed line hit the catwalk at the Art Institute of Seattle’s annual fashion show, winning the award from most fashion-forward collection. 

Palanciuc's run isn't over. She is one of eleven Seattle-area designers picked to competing in September's Independent Designer Runway Showcase, where she'll show her womenswear line Lia Pal. The designer describes her aesthetic as "practical and comfortable but simultaneously elegant, luxurious, and glamorous."

We spoke to the Palanciuc about the local haunts and Sunday sounds she can’t get enough of in this Crushing On installment.

The designer in front of her Lia Pal collection.

Favorite style blog?
Fashion Wire Daily. It's a great place to get inspired with the most popular and modern outfits, and it's a great read for us fashion insiders.

Best Instagram feed?
Prabal Gurung's feed is my favorite source of inspiration. His complicated construction techniques influence me everyday.

Who does your hair?
Heidi at J & A Hair Studio always makes sure I get the haircut style that I envision upon entering. 

What item of clothing or accessory has been in heavy rotation this month?
I love modern and chic designs so I tend to wear my own creations because they're sophisticated and detailed. It's a great payoff to design what I wear!  

Liuba Palanciuc goes through past designers in her studio.

What item of clothing or accessory would you buy right now if you could?
I have had my eye on these amazing nude pumps with neon yellow and python detailing from L.A.M.B. They're so stylish and cool and would look great with a pair of well-tailored jeans. 

Favorite coffee shop or café?
I like to enjoy a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks while relaxing on one of the sofas. Plus, there are so many locations I never have to worry about not being able to get my caffeine fix.

Best restaurant for getting dressed up and wearing a great outfit?
Daniel's Broiler is one of my favorite restaurants to go looking fabulous. The food is superb and the atmosphere is just amazing.

Where'd you go the last time you got out of town?
I like to visit Harrison Resort in Canada. I have an adventure every time I go, plus it's pretty close to Seattle. It doesn't hurt that there's also great dining and arguably the best hot spring I have ever visited.

Soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon?
For a relaxing, dreamy vibe it’s "Saltwater" by Chicane

Seattleite you'd most like to meet?
I have always admired how Bill Gates and his family help others by providing education and health to the people who most need it. I would love to meet him in person one day to learn from his generosity.

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