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Top Five Wedding Gifts

It's good to be gifted at giving during wedding season. Here are our top picks for Seattle wedding presents.

By Laura Cassidy July 10, 2013

There's a certain kind of wedding guest who just isn't comfortable buying a gift from the registry. Full disclosure: I'm that type of guest. Maybe you are, too—or maybe you just like to augment the couple's registered preference for say, a blender, with something that might have a little bit more personality.

In the event that you're looking for a really fantastic wedding gift or five to get you through the busy Seattle wedding season (which, more and more these days, stretches into October—thanks to our increasingly warm autumns), we present (ha!) here our top five stylish wedding gifts.

1. Hermes playing cards What? Yes. Nothing says luxury like a well-branded game of Go Fish. For couples who have everything, well, now they have even more. The Bravern Hermes carries a boxed set of two decks in the $100 range that's perfect for couples who like fine whiskey and chic nights at home—or out on the range.

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2. Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, and People Even when a newly married couple has been living together already, there's something about the union that makes their home seem ready for a fresh take. When the couple in question are fashion mag readers and/or totally aesthetic nesters, there is this giant, lovely, and thoughtful coffee table book available at Elliott Bay Books for less than $100.

Like the book idea but not sold on this one in particular? There's a well-curated sprawling table or so of super stylish volumes in the men's department at Mario's. We've lately been wondering if they're not trying to become full-time booksellers over there!

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3. Paper goods and old school writing implements For some, one great byproduct of the wedding hoopla is an attraction to printed matter—classic letterpressed invitation, handwritten name cards, paper albums full of actual photographs. Help celebrate this return to analog style with a gift from Paper Hammer. Have one of their gracious staff members help you put together a set of gorgeous old fountain pens with European ink cartridges and Tieton-made notebooks (these can be guest books, photo albums, a couple's journal, whatever) in the couple's celebration colors.

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4. Erich Ginder vase For those fully digital but completely old-fashioned types, I know of no better home decor item than local designer Erich Ginder's Materialized vase, found at Fancy for about $80. Crafted with a mash-up of technology and antique inspiration, it's a real gem.

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5. Ceramic eye ornament Many ancient cultures have ideas about evil eye protection; in Turkey and Greece in particular you'll see blue glass eyes hanging from rear view mirrors and showing up in jewelry. These are commonly called evil eye charms (or talismans or amulets), and while the name may seem antithetical to good luck, the symbol is meant as a gesture of loving protection and is often given as a gift. Offer your favorite new couple a force field of goodness as they enter the world together with this ceramic charm by artist Michelle Quan, available for half of a hundred dollar bill at Totokaelo Art-Object.

Handcrafted ceramics are having a moment these days in general (see above), and Totokaelo's home goods division is an excellent source—as are Far 4 and Kobo.

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