There's a new game in town, and this is how it's played: We tag a Seattleite with great style, feature them here, and then it's their turn to tag a stylish citizen of their choice. Eventually that person gets featured here, and then it's their turn to tag someone. And so on and so on. Wanna play?

First up is April Pride. Consider meeting her for yourself some Friday at Swink, where she hosts trunk shows with The Dress.

Tagged by: Laura Cassidy/Shop Talk

Tagged: April Pride

Wearing: I wear vintage most days and Paul Mendes is my go-to as of late. He found this dress and insisted I come straight away to buy it last fall! Shoes are Rachel Comey, c. 2011 (from Totokaelo); jewelry is as follows: Mother-of-pearl checkered bangle (Beunos Aires, c. 2006); Black resin bangle by Jade Mellor from Craft and Culture; Late 19th-century gold-plated porcelain bangle from Isadora's. The clutch is H Clutch from Libby Lane in Texas.

Your style in three words: Different Every Day

Closet you'd most like to raid: The archives of the Costume Institue at the Met. If that doesn't qualify then Sarah Jessica Parker's warehouses of loot from Sex in the City (she can keep the stilettos though) because I am equal parts uptown and downtown.