After spending 15 years as Nordstrom's textile designer and eventual design director, Paychi Karen Guh broke off in pursuit of her dream, taking her years of travel and textile experience and launching her own knitwear line for fall of this year. But first, she'll compete with ten other designers on September 25 in the Independent Designer Showcase.

Look Book: Paychi Guh's fall ready to wear collection

Guh's ten-piece freshman collection, inspired by modern art and architecture of London and Milan, is especially remarkable for its uncommon shapes and original silhouettes. By using a system of draping and collaging pieces of material together based on aspirational shapes and sketches, Guh designs clothing that reads more artwork than apparel.

"My process is such a powerful tool in freeing me up from common design rules—for example, that a neck opening should be here, or that there should be two arm holes. It allows me to use my imagination and experiment with new ways to build a garment," Guh explained to us. "I create each piece to look beautiful from every angle and let the wearer decide how she wants to display it."

Each garment is crafted from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, known for being especially soft and lightweight. Something about the goats producing a downy inner-coat to protect them from the country's constant temperature fluctuations. Who knew?

And while she works with a mostly neutral, timeless color palette (i.e. the majority of our fall/winter wardrobe), the ready to wear collection does have pop of fiery orange or pear for those gray days when you're feeling especially edgy.

Peruse the line in our slide show above and save the date to catch Guh's namesake collection during Bellevue Fashion Week. The Paychi Guh collection is available for preorder now.