London-born, Seattle based artist Izzie Klingels is a true renaissance woman. You might say she has as many talents as her stippled art has dots; she’s a fashion illustrator, curator, director, flower shop gal, and nail guru.

Klingels studied fine art at the Chelsea College of Art in London and shortly after graduating she co-founded Lazy Eye where she created, directed, and filmed live shows and band promos. Her first foray into fashion found Klingels working with clients Topshop and Topman creating animated backgrounds for runway shows; she went on to create pages for Italian Marie Claire and collaborate with other global publications and designers.

In 2001 Klingels and other London artists started an all-female fanzine called Hey Ladies, and Klingels introduced the world to her distinctive pen-and-ink style illustrations. This technique involves a pen, paper, and an obscene amount of dots and yields sublime illustrations. Hey Ladies was sold in the hottest clubs and shops all around London and eventually made its way down to the cult-favorite Parisian store Colette.

One of Klingels' illustrations for Preen Magazine. Additional design and photography by Dumb Eyes.

After marrying Seattleite and fellow designer Christian Petersen, Klingels relocated to the Pacific Northwest. 

So far 2013 has been a jam-packed year. In January she made a glowing mural installation for the Seattle lights festival Onn/Of. In April she turned your feelings and aura into nail art at her Psychic Nail Parlour at Henry Art Gallery. And most recently Klingels curated Night Terrors; a multi-medium exhibition featuring a mixture of video, audio, photography, and drawings at Vermillion bar and gallery.

Interested in checking out more of Klingels’ fable-inspired illustrations? Visit to her online Etsy shop which includes renderings of a floral skull and a cat with an eyepatch. Her work can be found locally at  Marigold and Mint where Klingels is the in-house illustrator. New work by Klingels will also be available this summer at London Plane in Pioneer Square; a collaborative project with Katherine Anderson owner of Marigold and Mint and restauranteur Matt Dillon.