East Meets West Sale

With six designers and retailers under one roof, and discounts up to 75 percent, this could be the sale of the season.

By Erica Thompson January 30, 2013


WHERE: Blue Luna in Kirkland

WHAT: Playing with the idea of shoppers crossing the lake and playing favorites—or not—a group of shops and designers from Seattle and Kirkland have pooled their resources for what's being called the East Meets West Super Sale. Fall and winter goods from Elizabeth Roberts, Canopy Blue, MB’s Finds, Sway and Cake, Blue Luna, and Mandy Moon Vintage will be offered at great discounts, proving that hey, we can all just get along.

WHEN: January 31 to February 2; Thursday 1 to 7, Friday 9 to 6, and Saturday 10 to 2.

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