After dropping big bucks on everything from invitations to caterers to a string quartet, it's difficult to look at the price tag on some bridal lingerie without wincing.

While we certainly won't deny that a good bra gives you more than just a physical boost—a gorgeous set of unmentionables does add a certain spring to your step—how can you treat yourself without breaking the bank?

Enter London's Beautiful Bottoms, a line designed with both sex appeal and affordability in mind. The collection includes luxe robes, bras, and knickers (a much better word than underwear, if you ask us) all made from high-quality silk in styles to flatter any body type.

Prices range from $41 to $181, with most bras under $90 putting the Victoria Secret fantasy bra to shame.

The Beautiful Bottoms line is now available at Seattle's house of haute underthings, Nancy Meyer. Stop by the downtown store to oogle the goods and pick up some lovely lingerie of your own.

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