The line began forming at midnight the night before, but we also heard from a friend who ampled up at 8:15 and walked away an hour or so later with some great finds: the latest H&M collaboration—with Maison Martin Margiela—was a bit of a game changer. We'll walk you through it.

H&M staffers in Margiela aprons briefed us on shopping instructions; as with the other sales the megamart has conducted, colored wristbands corresponding with our arrival times would dictate when we'd get in. Those that got there at 5 am, for example, were told their shopping time would be 8:25 to 8:40. But, unlike other collaboration sales, the floor would be restocked between groups. A promising development!

To pass the time, we bonded with fellow Margians, and gushed over favorite pieces from the treasured look-book. You’d assume that after repeated zombie-like sessions with the images one could easily narrow down one's choices, but not so much.

As soon as talk concerning the coveted sleeping bag coat equipped with utility sized pockets was exchanged, a frenzy ensued as to who would get what. The sleek over-sized asymmetrical black pant, the amazeballs plexiglass wedges, the metallic candy-wrapper clutch, the silver toned watch with no time! How could you possibly decide?

There were about 200 people lined up once the doors opened, but who was thinking of them, really? Once inside, we honed in on the cascading trompe l’oeil jersey dress and bagged it. After wasting precious time searching for the sacred, oversized asymmetrical, baby blue denim pants, we were informed by H&M staff that Seattle hadn’t received them. Fail! Could I make do with the men’s crimson paint-dipped denim? We found out later that the downtown store only received about 60 percent of the collection.

At the sound of an alarm the house DJ alerted the first group that our 15 minutes of fame was up, and we were ushered to the registers. It was lather, rinse, repeat for the remainder of the morning. However long and arduous it was for us, in line, the morning had to be pretty tedious for the staff inside, too.

By the opening bell, remaining pieces were on the floor for whomever passed through. A friend breezily texted later to say she cruised through at 10:30 and got some good scores. Hmph!

But here's our tip: Returns must be made in seven days—but the seventh day is Thanksgiving. Although it didn't seem like people were as grab-happy as they were at the Marni and Lanvin sales, we're sure there were some bad decisions.

If you didn't make the early morning queue, you might roll through sometime before November 22 and see if you don't get lucky.


Abiola Akanni is a guest blogger at Seattle Met; her blog is called Bora Bora Style. 

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