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Item of the Moment: Mad Pax

Can we call this a 'statement backpack?' Tottini's spiked carry-all is really something to behold.

By Laura Cassidy October 5, 2012


If you're the kind of adult who feels the season shift not at the equinox but when yellow school buses start rounding neighborhood streets, you'll understand why we couldn't resist the Mad Pax backpack at Tottini when picking our very first Item of the Moment.

And if you're of the parental variety, well, you might have a kid in your life who could use the soft-spikey carry-all in the more traditional manner. Like, to carry books and gym shorts.

Do kids still carry books and gym shorts?

Can grown-ups evoke a stylish back-to-school mood with say, the right 3-D Mad Pax and a really killer pair of heels? If so, check out the South Lake Union kids' shop's out-there packs.

The one pictured here goes for $58; other sizes and colors are available in the store, all in faux-leather—so vegan Burning Man types, you're good to go, too.

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