Tina Witherspoon of Glamspoon will show her "To Dye For" collection on the runway at RAW's Seattle showcase at Trinity Nightclub.

Image: glam.spoon

WHERE: Trinity Nightclub in Pioneer Square

WHAT: Raw: Natural Born Artists is a 54-city-strong independent artist collective that handpicks local talent to spotlight in monthly installments. The idea is to catapult relatively new (they try to work with artists within the first 10 years of their careers) designers, photographers, musicians, and other players to stardom. In these so-called circuses of creativity, you'll find acts that represent a full spectrum of artistry.

This month, the Raw: Seattle team unveils twenty of its favorite up-and-comers, namely magician Nash Fung, make-up artist Mei La-La, and hair stylists, Cynthia Obertubbesing and Maria Espinoza. Soundwaves will be provided by indie-popper Kitt Bender and the sophisticatedly funky Brown Edition

As far as fashion is concerned, check out the bohemian romance of Glamspoon, charming handcrafted jewelry by Hope Schoenbacher of Sugar Sidewalk, and vibrantly refurbished sneakers by Sarah Ashwood

WHEN: Saturday, August 18 from 8 to 10:30. This event is limited to those over 21 who wear fashionable attire—no sneakers here. Tickets are $10 if you think ahead, or $15 at the door.