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Alderwood’s Getting an H&M

And why this might matter to Margiela fans.

By Laura Cassidy June 26, 2012

Lynnwood’s getting an H&M in the fall, but will the Lynnwood H&M be getting the Margiela collection in November?

Hey Lynnwood: You’re getting an H&M store at the Alderwood Mall. Word is it’ll open this fall.

Hey Seattle: Lynnwood’s getting an H&M.

Why do you care? Well, depending on whether all H&M locations get the Margiela collection in November, it could be a bit of a boon.

A less densely populated suburban area is bound to be easier to navigate when (and if) a drop of relatively obscure, offbeat square-shouldered jackets hits. We saw it happen with Jason Wu and Target, although, admittedly, Target seems way more egalitarian when it comes to equal distribution of designer goods.

First things first; we’re still waiting on look book images and a list of lucky stores, then we’ll know whether or not you might work a far north satellite into your shopping strategy. Stay tuned.

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