How To: Braids

The top bun is over. The braid is in—in a big way.

By Laura Cassidy February 24, 2012


Explained by Alanda Seifert, Swink Style Bar
611 Stewart St, Downtown,

1 Give hair a light tease, spritzing with volumizing mousse, texturizing spray, or pomade.
2 Divide hair into two sections behind head, or on one side of the nape of the neck for a side braid.
3 Start with a small section from the outermost edge of the right section.
4 Bring that piece over the top of the right section and then underneath the left section, so that it’s on the outermost edge of the left section.
5 Take a piece from the outermost edge of the left side, carry it over the top of the left section, and underneath the right section of hair.
6 Repeat.
7 Halfway down, hold the bottom of the braid and slip your thumb and pointer finger in between sections of completed braid to loosen it and create a purposefully messy look.

Mandy Daily from Mane Blow Dry Bar demonstrates three braiding techniques.

717 Pine St, Downtown,

Videos by Justin Lapriore, Let’s Make Media

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