Seattle Hair: Do You Have It?

By Laura Cassidy February 29, 2012 Published in the March 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Spiral into Control
Actually, our damp weather works well for the curly tressed, says wave specialist Danny Velasquez. He’s at Bocz Salon now, but back in the day he taught Curls 101 at the Gene Juarez Advanced Training Salon. As it turns out, downpours and drizzle add much-needed moisture. And on dry days, Velasquez says even oil-rich hand lotion will help so long as it’s worked evenly from roots to ends—and provided it follows a gel-like setting lotion that contains alcohol. “People hate to use product, but product is key,” he says. More for tighter curls, less for loopier ones.

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Easy Does It
The coiffed can complain all they want but Seattle loves wash-and-wear hair. Rochelle Walker, a Seattle-born hair and makeup artist who did a stint in LA working in theater and TV (most notably, on season three of MTV’s The Hills) says easy can still be pretty. From her perch at the Spa at Pro Sports Club, an ultra tony Bellevue megaplex where pampered Hills star Heidi Montag would feel totally at home, Walker suggests applying some product and then twisting long hair into a bun early on in your morning routine. When you get where you’re going, unfurl the updo for wavy, Old Hollywood hair. Another option: a loose braid before bedtime that yields effortless texture and movement by morning. “It’s magic,” she promises.

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Meet You in the Middle
“Hair shouldn’t be difficult, but it should be crafted. It should be taken seriously,” says Robert Middleton, owner of Stylus Salon and Spa. The veteran of Gary Manuel and Halo runs a sort of styling boot camp for gals who agree. “After a shampoo, I’ll do half, and then they’ll do the other half. When it’s their turn, I can correct little things and give pointers.” It works well for trending techniques like tonging, wherein a clipless curling iron is employed to set loose relaxed, Molly Sims–style S-curls around the shoulders.

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