WINNING STREAKS Coupe Rokei stylists Eric Wennberg, Sian Cullen, and Mickel Bitle drew from McGowan’s love of organically tinted indigo wool (bottom right), rose gold (bottom le

Image: Young Lee

TO RORY MCGOWAN, the future looks bright. “Pink,” she says, her small, doll-like face about to break into a smile, “is the color of optimism.” It could also be the color of your hair. Or your hair’s tips. Call it dip-dyed or call it elegantly extreme, but if you’re gunning for a runway look you can rock in Ravenna, consider calling the co-owner of Coupe Rokei and her forward-thinking, technique-savvy team.

McGowan’s 25 years of experience guided them to the national gold medal and international bronze medal in Wella’s 2011 TrendVision, a sort of worldwide Super Bowl for hairstylists, and it colored these examples of the hottest trend in hair hues.

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