Color Trends from Coupe Rokei

By Laura Cassidy February 29, 2012 Published in the March 2012 issue of Seattle Met

WINNING STREAKS Coupe Rokei stylists Eric Wennberg, Sian Cullen, and Mickel Bitle drew from McGowan’s love of organically tinted indigo wool (bottom right), rose gold (bottom le

Image: Young Lee

TO RORY MCGOWAN, the future looks bright. “Pink,” she says, her small, doll-like face about to break into a smile, “is the color of optimism.” It could also be the color of your hair. Or your hair’s tips. Call it dip-dyed or call it elegantly extreme, but if you’re gunning for a runway look you can rock in Ravenna, consider calling the co-owner of Coupe Rokei and her forward-thinking, technique-savvy team.

McGowan’s 25 years of experience guided them to the national gold medal and international bronze medal in Wella’s 2011 TrendVision, a sort of worldwide Super Bowl for hairstylists, and it colored these examples of the hottest trend in hair hues.

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