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Give It Up: Seletti Dinnerware

Brilliant. A stylish tabletop piece that really functions as dinnerware, too.

By Laura Cassidy December 9, 2011

Who gets it: Haute cuisine types, homey comfort food specialists, and whomever else thoroughly enjoys a square meal. Seletti’s Palace series consists of modular non-round plate, cup, and serving dish sets that stack or otherwise easily assemble to form architectural models that look good enough to eat off of.

Why: Imagine, if you will, a condo with limited cupboards. A dinner party in need of a novel approach to tabletop design. The truly two-in-one punch of well-designed, Italian-made, great looking decor and functioning serving pieces makes this a great gift idea.

Where you’ll find it: Velocity Art and Design, which actually has an outlet store, too. Did you know? It was news to me. Check it out on weekends between 10 and 4 at 426 Yale Ave N (that’s two blocks north of their storefront). The discount off-shoot only takes credit cards, will not issue refunds or exchanges, and offers 40 to 80 percent off past season goods. No, you won’t find the Seletti collection there, but who knows what you will find.

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