Old school razors at Ward & Co. make great gifts; they’ll last the dude on your list about ten years, and he’ll feel cool using one.

Who gets it: Facial hair-growing males, especially ones who like throwbacks and classic style. Smooth-movers. Metro gentlemen and rough-and-tumble types.

Why: Stainless steel safety razors are eco-friendly, well made, and save money, skin, and natural resources. The average disposable razor blade costs $4 per blade, which amounts to about $96 dollars a year. Stainless steel razor blades, on the other hand, last for a month, and only cost 80 cents each. Plus, just compare a plastic Bic with one of these weightier, more serious instruments.

Where to find it: Ward and Co. Men’s Grooming, the tie tack–size shop that opened a month ago not far from the Fairmont Olympic on Fourth Ave. The shop’s highly knowledgeable manager, Michael Scott, peddles stainless steel safety razors for between $40 and $100. All the accoutrement to go with? And/or package together, perhaps in a handsome dopp kit? Yes, of course, Scott has that, too.

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