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Meet Diane von Furstenberg [Updated]

A bottle of the newly released Diane buys you the right to meet the American icon.

By Laura Cassidy October 6, 2011

Diane von Furstenberg is basically the Bob Dylan of fashion. You see it, right?

The years are off a little, sure—Furstenberg didn’t have her “hit” until 1973 while Dylan was a ‘60s guy, but they’re both American originals who (this is the important part) are still producing American artwork that continues to define who we are, and remind us of what we were. It’s worth noting because not everyone, regardless of genre, can keep producing quality, intelligent “hits” for forty years.

A Neil Young comparison would work too. And considering her amazing legs, I’d love to call DVF the Tina Turner of fashion, but this rambling analogy of mine is all about the enduring, generations-spanning ability to create products with integrity, soul, and wide but selective appeal. (What has Tina Turner done for you lately?) And although from time to time in certain seasons, you might be right for thinking von Furstenberg is just making clothes (as opposed to crafting fashion), there is always a piece or two that feels utterly fresh.

Now, I don’t know that DVF’s new self-named fragrance can be called “American artwork.” Most tuned-in consumers of fashion and beauty products are aware that fragrance, no matter how glorious (paging Tom Ford…), is a cash cow. That’s why Brittany had one. That’s why Beyonce has one.

Still, others look at perfume as a key accessory, the first layer in the most nuanced outfits. And there’s nothing mutually exclusive about revenue streams and art. Well, not technically.

But here comes the bottom line…the designer is on tour with countless bottles of Diane, and she’ll be at the Bellevue Nordstrom on Wednesday, October 19 between 2 and 4. UPDATE: The new time for this event is 7 until 9.

You can meet the American rock starif you buy a bottle of her perfume. I don’t make the rules, I just pass them along.

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