Why Not Another Wrapsuit?

July 21, 2009

I woke up from a dream this morning thinking about jumpsuits (no doubt you too have noticed that the Hill is swimming with nerdy-hot girls wearing cropped-leg jumpsuits or little rompers while riding banana-seat bikes), and more specifically, the wrap jumpsuits Diane von Furstenberg made in the 70s.

Doesn’t summer always put you in a 70s state of mind?

It just seems to me, what with the jumpsuit thing in general—not to mention DVF’s habit of continually renewing her past, that it would have been clever—if not, in a business sense, smart, to lob a few updated wrapsuits down the runway for fall or spring.

She didn’t, so instead I indulged in some Google image searching and put together this slideshow. Please enjoy.

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