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Save the Date: Fashion’s Night Out

Vogue’s fashion and shopping initiative comes to downtown Seattle in a big way.

By Laura Cassidy July 21, 2011

Some stores will have official FNO merchandise, like this tee-shirt.

Remember back in 2009 when Anna Wintour and scores of New York’s savviest shoppers took to the shops after closing time in an effort to kick the recession’s butt? The now-global Fashion’s Night Out celebration is approaching its third year and for the first time, Seattle is poised to participate in a big way.

Led by what could be considered downtown’s anchors: Barney’s, Mario’s, and Nordstrom, Thursday September 8 will see after work shoppers and revelers from Pike to Madison, Sixth Ave to the waterfront, and beyond. Stretches of streets that can feel, at other times of the year, like ghost town corners after 5:30 will be magically become The Places to Be. The Places to Be Seen.

Shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars (yep, we’re going to shop and party) will host special events, promotions, and in-store good times, and we at Seattle Met will distribute collectible fold-out Fashion’s Night Out maps so that you’ll have all the details. Figure on it being a booster shot for the local retail economy, but also figure on it being one of those nights when everyone looks amazing, feels inspired, and goes home feeling lucky to live in such a stylish and beautiful city. We’ll shop, sip, socialize, and carry on long past regular closing times, so clear the evening—and maybe the next morning, too.

Keep your eyes on seattlemet.com, my Twitter feed, and our ShopTalk newsletter for details on participating stores and their events and promotions, and news about how you can star in the evening’s most stylish proceedings.

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