Just Landed: This Is Not a Birkin Bag

The new It bag has arrived, and it’s only $38.

By Laura Cassidy March 31, 2011

The Thursday Friday bags hang in the window at Far 4 on First Avenue.

If you wanted to buy an iconic Birkin bag at Hermes at the Bravern, you couldn’t just waltz in and slap your credit card down.

First of all, you have to be a known quantity in the company. They have to know you want and deserve it. There must be history. A relationship. This means there must be (let’s just say for example) a couple of scarves, one of those perfectly taupe double strap watches, and a couple of other various and sundry trademark orange items in your closet already. That’s just how they operate.

And then there’s the fact that the shelves just are not stocked with multiples. It’s classic supply and demand—rarity breeds a fever pitch desire and all that. I believe it takes something like four weeks for your order to be processed, for the bag to be made in France, and for it to find its way to your arm. And that’s assuming the current wait list isn’t sixteen inches long. A source at our local outpost told me they get calls every day from folks looking to shell out upwards of 6 or 7k for the privilege and status of ownership, and every day they break hearts with their strict, exclusive policy.

Now. If, on the other hand, you want one of Thursday Friday’s super buzzed-about Birkin-riffing canvas bags, well, all you need do is get to Far 4 on First Avenue with your $38 bucks.

This bag has been all over the fashion and accessories blogs since the beginning of the year. It’s so popular that it even had a wait list at one point. None other than the New York Times called it the anti-status symbol of the season. Far 4 brought the bag in in tan, blue, and red; the latter has already sold through. Anti-status symbol indeed.

Now let’s be clear: I don’t endorse fakes. But this isn’t a counterfeit Birkin, this is a concept, a statement, an idea about the iconography of the Birkin. You understand the distinction, I’m sure. Not that the heritage French company is so keen on it of course; Thursday Friday is being sued by Hermes.

And yes, since you asked, I did buy one for myself. In tan.

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