Slideshow: What’s a swink? Celebrity inspiration and real-world salon images illustrate the work. Here: feather extensions, the latest thing from the trend machine.

Downtown’s Swink Style Bar is getting a sister salon in University Village. The new store will open early this spring.

Swink makes its business on quickie blow-outs and hairstyle makeovers; they don’t even offer time consuming cuts and colors. Hairdryers, curling rods, and straightening irons sub in for scissors and shears, and most styles are priced around $30 and take about 30 minutes.

Owners Natalie Angelillo and Jacquie Byrne opened their downtown location November 2009 and, for a certain set of girls, quickly established themselves as the place to go post-work, post-gym, post-bad hair day, and "pre-prom or graduation, pre-wedding, pre-party, pre-date."

They’ve since added eyelash extensions, full makeup application, facial waxing, and their latest: feather and tinsel hair extensions.

‘We’ve been looking for a second location for some time and University Village was a natural fit for Swink,’ said Natalie Angelillio. ’As one of the top ten malls in the country, it attracts a wide demographic, and is ideal for our array of services. We appeal to the college gal who wants to add feathers to a style for a party [see the slideshow if you have no idea what she’s talking about. -eds] and the mother-of-the-bride who wants to get makeup and a blowout for her daughter’s wedding.’ Angelillo also added, ‘We are actively working on opening a salon in Bellevue by the end of the year.’

Assuming there are three or four of you who haven’t been blown-out, feathered, or otherwise up-done we asked Angelillo and Byrne to help us illustrate the Swinky possibilities with a slideshow of salon images and celebrity inspiration.