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If all goes according to this list of Seattle’s style goals, 2011 is going to be a good-looking year.

By Laura Cassidy December 30, 2010

Personally, I resolve to elevate the gray sweatshirt in 2011 … now if I could just find the right trousers to wear it with ….

-Jamie Fish, scouting and development, Heffner Management
My resolution is to buy all natural fibers (I’m having a love affair with silk and wool, the original high-performance fleece fabric), dress more like my great grandparents, and wear clothing pieces that are what I consider to be ritual items. Clothing that is a soft art, often hand-made, environmentally conscientious, connected to the old ways, worn again and again, washed gingerly, and revered as authentic of my pagan heritage.

-Robin Held, curator, Frye Art Museum
Before discovering Tango I never had a problem sharing a closet. Now the (bulging) closet is divided into Tango and Non-Tango. No more Tango shoes or dresses until Korby has enough space in the closet for his clothes (Tango and Non-Tango) and closet equity and therefore domestic bliss is attained.

-Leo Gebhardt, sales, Blackbird
I’ve finally decided to by a pair of Alden Indy boots. They’re such a classic, old-fashioned boot, but the style still translates today. I’m hoping I can obtain that kind of sustainability in the rest of my wardrobe, by using these boots as the focal point.

-Whitney Ricketts, editor and enthusiast
My goal for this next year is to dress more Grace Kelly and less stripper’s day off. No more Uggs and leggings to the office, no more long black t-shirts as (mumbled) statement pieces. More: structure, color, blonde.

-Max Heigh, owner, Deli Seattle
I am getting a little older, so I plan to show it in what I wear. In 2011 its safe to say you’ll probably catch me wearing a nice tie and loafers, but still keeping it funky with an awesome pair of faded jeans! Last, I am dedicated to purchase/wear more made in the USA products!

-Lisa Rowell, stylist, Sassoon Seattle
Less is more!!! I’m going to try and buy things that I’m absolutely in love with. That way I don’t end up with a bunch of things I will only wear once. Also, incorporating a little more color into my wardrobe. I tend to stick with grey, black and blues. Lastly, I love shoes, but less heels indeed!

-Jamie Iacoli, designer, Iacoli & McAllister
I plan on really playing with proportions in 2011. BIG tops with tight/small bottoms or small tops with BIG bottoms. I’m also obsessed with silk at the moment. I just bought a load of it in Miami and plan to play around with natural dying techniques for simple cape-like tops. I also plan to increase the size of my jewelry collection by acquiring more work from friends.

-Lisa Hunter, designer, Vian Hunter
My resolution: To not buy pants that don’t fit, find the perfect knee boots, make more dresses with 3/4 sleeves, buy as much army green as possible when it all gets marked down, and ignore the hot trend for spring 2011…

-Pirkko Karhunen, owner, Tuuli
In the name of quality, simplicity, and affordability, I will be returning once again to the advice of my mother: ‘You can’t afford to buy cheap stuff—you just end up buying everything twice.’ Scandinavian design proves that form and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and that excellent design is for every day.

-Patricia Wolfkill, owner, Merge Boutique
I am going to try and add more dresses into my wardrobe this spring. I love the ease of wearing a great dress, but this has always been a challenge given my height (5’11”), as the waist/hip suppression is always too high on my frame. The fit of most dresses is just not right on me……unless I opt for RTW pieces that cost and arm and a leg! But I’m determined to find some in 2011.

-Francine Park, owner, Promesse
Wear more heels, hair accessories, and overall: Dress up more often. Right after I lose the last 10lbs.

-Naomi Parker, designer, Free Time Industries
1. Try and continue to keep it simple, yet classy?
2. Get rid of as much as possible.
3. Have mostly key items that can be mixed and matched (I wear mostly neutrals, so it should be easy to do that).
4. Dress fancier? I think it’s about time.
5. Mange my clothing better, by having everything on hangers.
6. Not sure if I can do this, but I like the idea of dressing up every day, even if you’re only going to the grocery store or running errands.
7. Wear as many tights as possible, less pants.
8. More hats or head accessories.
9. And lastly, maybe more color, I barely ever wear color.
10. Oh! And lipstick! I’d love to wear more lipstick, always forget that.

Rachel Stroble, marketing and events, Mario’s
Stop hitting the snooze alarm when it comes to dressing. Monday thru Friday I wake up and throw on what is easy rather than what I feel good in going for basic blacks and navys and clockwork outfits as I dash out the door. I end up feeling lost in my clothes and can’t wait to change the minute I get home. On weekends and nights out I take time and have fun with what I wear; I dress for my mood, playing with vintage pieces (grandma’s fur) and new basics (The Row tees, Levi’s) and actually think about jewelry, the right perfume, and lipstick? In the end, on those days, my clothes are *not wearing me, I am wearing them. My New Year’s resolution is to realize that the majority of my life is spent Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm and it is time to start dressing like ‘me.’

-Kyle Johnson, photographyer, Kyle Johnson
This coming year I plan to buy more things I really think I could see myself in 20 years from now. I feel like certain things have a timeless feel and I too often buy quick impulse buys as opposed to quality and style that lasts. Oh, and wear less hats.

-Pamela Lopez, national public relations, Nordstrom
No more closet creep! For each new item acquired, an existing item must depart. Old items may be donated, consigned or even throw away…whatever it takes to balance the incoming flow of fashion.

-Adam Katz Sinding, blogger, 21 Arrondissement
For 2011, I will move to New York City, walk everywhere, and dress more adventurously.

-Christa Hubbell, Design Within Reach
I resolve to spend more time pursuing my hobbies wearing the clothes I’ve collected, and less time shopping for more clothes to collect. When you know what works for you and you’re able to carve out some good basics, how better to accessorize than by cultivating new interests? I’m starting by signing me and my YSL Bag up for Bonsai 101.

-Barbie Hull, photographer, Barbie Hull Photography
This year my resolution is to accessorize more — to bling up my black wardrobe. With this bling resolution, I plan to support the artist community and buy from small boutiques, “etsy sellers,” and friends who design and sell their own lines.

-Mark Mitchell, designer, Mark Mitchell
To buy a blue suit and to make a dress for Robin Held from the Frye Art Museum. There’s a lady who understands the dramatic and romantic possibilities of clothing.

-Lindsay Larin, social media, Report Shoes
Beginning on day one of 2011, I commit to shop with a cause, focusing my primary purchases on those retailers who support charities, important issues and medical research on a local, national and global scale. I will utilize online sites such as and to do my part. With every purchase I make, I will be helping fund a better tomorrow.

-Kari Pearson, photographer, Kari Pearson
After just completing a full overhaul of my closet (minus 3 garbage bags of clothes later), 2011 for me is about less is more and getting more creative with what I have. In the upcoming year I’d like to supplement my newly streamlined wardrobe with classic, designer vintage finds. ‘Hello, 60s Burberry trench coat …….. where are you?’

-Suresh, makeup artist, Suresh Beauty
I love black, white, and navy uniform dressing. But for 2011, I resolve to introduce subtle hints of color. I continue to buy cruelty-free products and am also resolving to add more sustainable fabrics to my wardrobe.

-Alvin Stillwell, stylist, Alvin Stillwell
Professionally, I will continually groom my commercial clients to take more risks in their wardrobe choices on photoshoots. I will groom my fashion and editorial clients to favor good fit and quiet detail. Personally, I will try to be less groomed. Happy New Year!

-Esther Shin, stylist and musician
Eye for an eye? No, shoe for a shoe. Consign or donate from my closet an equal number of articles I purchase. Use clothing to enhance not hide my body.

-Christy Weber, editor, Junebug Weddings
2011 is going to be the year of the accessory for me. Working from home, I get into a fashion rut that includes way too many basics and not enough bling. I’m going to bring on the scarves, necklaces, rings, hats, and new shades of lip gloss that will up my at-home fashion game.

-Matthew Parker, event designer, Matthew Parker Events
I just started to wear glasses, so I hope to build up my collection of funky frames next year!

-Nealy Blau, owner, A Mano Shoes
Wear more dresses, and break that nasty jeans-everyday habit.

-Jeannie Oliver, stylist, Style Lab
Having officially entered my late thirties, I am resolving to celebrate my womanhood and incorporate some sexier pieces into my non-work wardrobe. It will help keep me motivated to stay fit and my husband will love it!

-Strath Shepard, designer, Pacific Standard
In 2011 I’m planning to mix more *patterns and textures,
I’m going to get a shirt from Pun©tuation by Tarboo, and I’m going to try to keep my Rod Lavers clean.

-Kyla Fairchild, publisher, No Depression
Purge, purge, purge. For years I’ve been dragging bargain and “can’t live without” items home at every opportunity and now every nook and cranny is overflowing. Drawers are jammed full and will hardly shut, closets are bursting and it’s time to shed some things. Oh how I hate to let things go, even if I haven’t warn them in 20 years or they’ve never fit quite right, but it’s time and 2011 is the year!

-Terri Morgan, owner, TCM Models
I am going to clean out my closet and organize it, so I can *find half the pieces I own.
Then when I add to it this year I can find the new things better! The designer jeans category needs to be over! I love what is going on with spring fashion so I can’t wait to add a few key pieces, like the Armani sheer layering skirts…so no more jeans! I want to spend my $$ on more fashion pieces!

-Detra Segar, manager, Hermes at the Bravern
My fashion resolution is to only add things to my wardrobe that fit my lifestyle and to rethink my approach to casual and travel dressing.

-Charlie Schuck, photographer, Charlie Schuck
Steady as it goes for me. At 33, I’m working on refining my style. A decade+ of solid drinking, eating, and hedonistic ways coupled with what my mom and grandma affectionately say (while squeezing my face), ‘Oh Charles, you have Grandpa Maury’s big bones,’ kind of leaves me no other elegant choice. More of the same being: layers, multiple shirts, and pops of pattern and color under denim or dark overshirts and coats. With pants: colorful and interesting socks, always. Going to try to sneak some paisley patterns in and maybe finally figure out shoes. More tailoring to make things fit right. I just found a nice shirt that is this subtle yet brilliant oddity however when I went to try it on I realized that it fits like a gothic dress. I can’t wear Luke Sky Walker clothing… but with a little help from the tailor (or pair of scissors), I think I can convert that to a Charlie shirt.

-Kay Smith-Blum, co-owner, Butch Blum
Find a ‘slightly’ high-heel shoe I can wear without feeling like a cripple, and try to not wear black every day of the week. And to remember my tights on school board meeting days, that auditorium is COLD!

-Kim Baker, owner/designer, Kimberly Baker Jewelry
I want to wear what I already own in new ways. Mix and match things in new ways and take more risks, and only invest in a few key items i know I will cherish for years. As always, quality over quantity for me.

-Nicholas Whitehead, makeup artist, photographer, designer
To have fun with adding color to my wardrobe. Also, to be fearless in color combining, pattern mixing and layering. And to take more time out for me, after all when you feel good you look good!

-Cori Ready, party planner, Adventure School
In 2010, I became bi-coastal, and even though Miami and Seattle are like Paula Abdul and that cat in the “Opposites Attract” video, I like the challenge. My fashion resolution is getting my ADVENTURE style game up. 2011 is all about looking good on the go, putting chic in to motion. To do this I will: pack light, never be afraid to show a little skin, and get a great bag! (I’m thinking AmpersandAsApostrophe’s Aztec Bag.) I am also digging on the 70s flashback that Vogue predicts, a new kind of DISCO HERITAGE! In 2011, I’ll be the one at the airport in a black silk pantsuit one-piece.

Katie Bailey, designer, Free Time Industries
I’m completely transforming the way I shop from here on out! My natural tendency is to accumulate tons of economical pieces that I find here and there. This has led to a wardrobe that’s completely out of control!!! I have so many clothes that I like and very few I love to wear. My goal is to begin making calculated purchases… I’ve found that if I know the cut of the jacket or the type of boot I’m looking for and I do research before picking it up, I end up so much happier with the piece! My eventual goal is to create a wardrobe where each piece of clothing is exceptional and looks great on me!

-Me? Sure, I’ve got resolutions, too. I want to continue to push myself to understand how, why, and where my clothes are made. Also, I’ll continue to fight the good fight to elevate the heather gray sweatshirt to its rightful place of glory. Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years. (Dries, Alex, Mr. Lim, et al, I’m with you.) And man, do I need some great-fitting, menswear-inspired trousers.

What about you? Feel free to add your resolutions in the comments below.
Happy New Year!

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