Slideshow: Dark, urban-industrial style in a historic and supremely natural setting.

Where: Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

What: A mens’ fall/winter 2010 runway presentation of end-days style and industrial-strength pan-global edge by Ballard’s Blackbird. Pieces from Pendleton, Filson, and Woolrich Woolen Mills conspired with ideas by Robert Geller, Diet Butcher Slim Skin, Odyn Vovk, and Lars Andersson in a “gradual progression of genres to show the wide diversity of Blackbird’s labels and its customers,” said Blackbird reps. The event also served as a fundraiser for United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, an organization focused on Native cultural renewal in the Greater Seattle area.

When: Thursday October 7. You missed it? Sorry. That’s what this is all about though. Street style photographer Adam Katz Sinding from Le 21eme Arrondissement shares some shots in the slideshow here; there are more images on Blackbird’s Facebook page and on

Memo to all and anyone with the desire and means to do something somewhat similar: The hundred-or-so folks in attendance were both thoughtful and psyched about being there. After making our way way out west and north to the the Discovery Park location, we were shuttled over to the Daybreak Center in weird little buses and then shuffled inside only after some semi-dramatic stalling. The journey made the destination more worthwhile. To a person, the attendees (boutique owners, department store buyers, artists, and more than one Style Counsel subject) had the air of someone you’d like to get to know, and they were all saying to whomever was at their immediate right and left, “Why doesn’t this kind of thing happen more often around here?,” which is what people around here always say whenever two or more are gathered at a really good runway show.

Didn’t hurt that the gift bag was pretty epic, too: locally made JonBoy Caramels (get your hands on some of these, they’re off the hook), a Stanley flask, teas from Steven Smith, and lots of other little goodies.

The only let down was that it ended too soon. The lights came on — always the kiss of “Oh, hey, gotta go – nice to see you!” with a crowd like this one — and instead of mixing and mingling, we all made our way to various drinking establishments around town.

The Blackbird show was a private, invite-only event; to get the word on fashion shows and style events around town, keep checking back here, or sign up for our weekly updates.

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