In Good Shape

By Laura Cassidy May 11, 2010 Published in the June 2010 issue of Seattle Met

Image: Ryan McVay

IT TOOK AN Idaho girl inspired by Seattle style to startle some life into the dying art of handmade lamp shades. At Lit on Capitol Hill, Dawn Bassett fashions bold lighting decor for retailers such as Revival Home and Garden and remakes the rooms of her private clients’ homes with couture, custom creations.

Personal style in three words Eclectic, feminine, purposeful.

Working one’s assets I’ve 
got an hourglass figure with an extra half an hour. It’s about recognizing what makes you beautiful and special, and 
using it.

The skirt Vintage Valentino. All this silk and color— and the pockets? I love being able to tuck my hands into the pleats and pull out a lipstick or a tape measure. So girly and so convenient.

The shoes Gucci heels from Nordstrom Rack. You have to go on Wednesdays, when they get the new stuff.

The dog He’s a service dog, but Nikki’s also my best accessory. He was named for Niccolò Machiavelli; big ears, big ego. We shop at Mes Amis on Queen Anne because they have the cutest top-stitched ribbon leashes and modern bowls. But he also has a little turquoise-blue collar from Tiffany. On days when I’m not all the way turned out, at least he is.

Go-to boutique I’ve had 
great luck at Atlas Clothing lately. They’ve been bringing in 
a lot of high-waisted skirts and 
’60s dresses that work really 
well for my shape.

Summer look I’m so into the extra-long earrings from the local line Grace Gow. We carry them at my shop. They’re going to be so amazing with my polka-dot bikini and nothing else.

Home decor accents Women need to just buy their own flowers. Megan Mary Olander does the ones for my shop. Her pieces are wild and gorgeous; she creates these crazy shapes. We used to be neighbors down on Pioneer Square, but she’s moving up here to 19th Avenue, too.

Stylish hangouts My girlfriends and I always sit at the bar at Dinette. On Sunday afternoons we love nothing more than a sugared-rim cocktail, some delicate little toasts, and then we stop at the little secondhand shop a few doors down before proceeding to the Saint or Captain Blacks.


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