Got crafty designs on your wedding day decor but feeling unsure about sourcing materials, operating a screwdriver, and/or achieving an Amy Atlas-like ultraperfect atmosphere?

First, drop the notion of ultraperfect. It’s just not useful, or fun. Second, RSVP for Salvage Bride, a workshop led by the expert recycling-crazy repurposers at RE Store on Saturday March 13 from 10a – 2p.

Leading the day o’ DIY is Rachel Bair, RE Store’s shop manager and a June bride. She’s also the unofficial Project Lady. People come to her with “what if this?” and “how would I do that?,” so as she began plotting the decor projects that would lend personality and memorable details to her own big day, she figured she should use her employer’s light-filled second-floor classroom space to share resources and ideas with other engaged folk and party people.

Salvage Bride is intended to help you find and transform previously used materials into cake stands, candelabras, cool signage, name card displays, and really, anything your ceremony or reception requires.

Check the slideshow here for some projects that Bair was elbow deep in on the day I met up with her, and then email sarahk (at) to reserve your spot on the 13th.