Come on, baby. Light my fire.

If you’re planning on covering the Cal King in millions of fresh rose petals under the soft, flickering glow of a gothic candelabra (you’re so romantic) this Sunday, you can definitely use this tip on great-price tapers.

And let’s say you’re planning to sit at home alone and burn old love letters while listening to Air Supply remixes by the Neptunes. Cool. This is good info for you as well.

I really really like nice candles. Remember? So when, in the middle of grocery shopping at the Madison Market, I spied a supply of Scandinavia-made tapers for a $1.79 each I did a little dance. The dance involved transferring whatever was in my hands to the crook of one arm so that I could load every last slate gray taper (there were fourteen; I would have taken 44 if there were 44 to take) into the crook of the other and getting myself immediately to the check-out stand.

So there you have it: Long, tall, well-made candles for about two bucks less than you are normally asked to pay for them, at the Hill’s favorite co-op.

Enjoy. Everyone looks more beautiful by candle light.

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