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Style Counselor Taylor Kieburtz shows us her links (and then I show you mine)

January 12, 2010

If you read the fine type in the print edition of this month’s Style Counsel page, you’ve been expecting a post wherein Hipsters with Kids blogger Taylor Kieburtz and I trade the morning shuffle – a.k.a. a selection of favorite blog links.

So here goes.

Says Taylor, who works by day crafting creative branding, visual solutions, and the like, ‘I mostly read design / graphics, art and music blogsfashion is always evident throughout.’

Taylor’s list:

Design You Trust
Which feels like the universe’s collective junk drawer (in a good way) o’ ideas

Purple Diary
The not-very-secret life of art arbiter Olivier Zahm and company

Planet Awesome Kid
Just what the name implies

Fashion Gone Rogue
Editorials, ad campaigns, and other painfully awesome images

and the friends and family plan:

Metaphorical Child
One woman’s ultra-modern online art museum

Wolves vs. Lions

Black Books

Gorgeous textiles and far eastern-feeling minimalist design

And, a handful of my favs; a just-so mix of style, fashion (yes, two different things), design, and my own inner circle of the blogosphere:

Common People
Like Flickr with a special moody / dreamy filter

Ready Set Fashion
Fashion magazine librarian pits 80s ad campaigns and 90s editorials against current spreads

Backyard Bill
Mostly men’s style, all amazing portraiture

An Ambitious Project Collapsing
The world gets bigger and bigger and more thoughtful, and this site becomes more essential every time


Remember Me
What it misses in every-day updates it makes up for in the perfect balance of chaos and order

Picture of the Day
A proto-blog by an experimental, obsessive mind


Hope you found something you like enough to bookmark yourself.

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your daily must-read list?

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