Black and White and Red All Over

A Project Red Dress Slideshow

February 20, 2009


Thanks to Barbie Hull and Jeff LaPlante, there are a ton of great images from last Friday’s smash success Project Red Dress. So many, in fact, that I’m going to let them tell the story. Well, for the most part.

A little bit about what you’ll see here:

-The student designers from International Academy of Design Technology, the Art Institute, New York Fashion Academy (yep, that’s in Seattle – Ballard, actually), Seattle Central, and Seattle Pacific University are in black; just about everyone else was in red — except for me, because I wore coral. A vintage Lord & Taylor house-brand mini to be exact. Thanks for asking.

-Rosie Kohlmeier, of NYFA, and her structured, bow-front mini-dress took home the winning prize: $3,000 worth of scholarship money. That’s Rosie, and her dress, in the last image of the slide show.

-The designers dictated the entire look for their models; they gave the rad Gene Juarez Team Artistic (pictured here – you’ll know them by their tattoos and epic haircuts) inspiration sheets and detailed descriptions of how they wanted their models to look (you know, like on Project Runway).

-Pre-judging took place before the runway show at the Fairmont Olympic; at that time, we were able to scrutinize fit and construction and lining and inside seams and the like — when you see Nick all up in a model’s business, that’s what’s going down.

-Mr. Verreos always takes a runway stroll — stomp? — at these kinds of events; this time he took Brooke, from 92.5’s Ladies Room with Brooke and Monti with him (the ladies also emceed the show).

-Monir Zandghoreishi, chair of fashion design at IADT, dreamt up this event two years ago — she’s the one that looks like Persian royalty; the aforementioned Rose Dennis, one of the judges, looks like American royalty.

-Judging wouldn’t have been as precise and on-point without bridal couturier Victoria Glenn and Kirkland plastic surgeon Aysel Sanderson. You know they both know a thing or two about seams.

-Daniela Faget of Bella Signature Design created all the floral pieces, including the lil red floral dress. She’s the gorgeous brunette in the long red dress with the twisted halter bodice.

-The models are all signed with Seattle Model’s Guild

-Red Dress could not have happened without countless volunteers and fashion industry insiders donating their time; among them: Courtney Russell of Half Past Lavish and Kimberly Arrington from Clutch

-Jeff’s photos have his stamp on them, Barbie’s don’t. So if you fall in love with one or either or both, that’s the best way to tell who was behind the camera. Please visit their sites and/or blogs to see more of what they’ve seen.

Barbie Hull

Jeff LaPlante

oh, and to those of you who love the bottom line: we’re still waiting to hear how much money was raised for the American Heart Association.

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