Michael Bennett, Ed.D., and Jake Haupert, co-founders of Seattle-based travel company Explorer X, are the thoughtful innovators behind the travel industry’s dramatic shift towards providing people with opportunities for more meaningful, intentional, and life-changing travel experiences.

As pioneers in the art of transformational travel, they believe that travel can be a tool for exploration, discovery, learning, personal growth, and global citizenry, and the duo brings this holistic mindset to every trip that they plan. Often integrating immersive cultural exchanges, meaningful conversations, unforgettable culinary experiences, and exciting outdoor activities with free time to explore, wander, and reflect, Michael and Jake invite travelers on a powerful inner journey that allows them to better understand themselves and see the world through new eyes. The goal? To inspire travelers to use their experiences as catalysts for creating changes—big or small—in their lives, in their communities, and in the world.

Whether you are new to traveling and are open-minded, curious, and wanting to make the most of your time on the road or a seasoned traveler looking for exciting new challenges, new places, people, and cultures to connect with, and answers to some of life’s bigger questions, begin your next journey at Explorer-X.com.

SEATTLE | 206-212-0227 | EXPLORER-X.COM | [email protected]

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