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How to Get Around the Capitol Hill Block Party

Whether you're planning your personal concert tour or detour.

By Benjamin Cassidy July 21, 2022

 It feels like forever since the Capitol Hill Block Party turned up in Seattle's rowdiest neighborhood. The three-day music festival returns this weekend to the Pike/Pine corridor after two long summers away, a pandemic pause that has perhaps made memories of the midsummer gathering, and its logistical challenges, a bit foggier than normal.

Organizers released this year's lineup back in winter. Now they've cleared up more questions about how the event will go off as it shuts down one of the city's most vital arteries.

Whether you're a newcomer who's missed out on the revelry or a longtimer who just needs a refresher, here's what you need to screenshot if you're attending, or trying to avoid, the Capitol Hill Block Party in 2022.

Where's the entrance?

There are two, actually. The main one's at 1122 East Pike Street (basically 12th and East Pike). You can buy tickets there if you haven't already.

The other entrance is at 10th Avenue and East Pine Street. You cannot purchase tickets there.

Where are the stages?

The Main Stage is opposite the main entrance; it rises just before the corner of Broadway and East Pike Street. The Vera Stage sits on 11th just around the corner from the Wildrose, one of several local spots hosting performances. Neumos, Barboza, Vermillion, Cafe Racer, and the Cha Cha Lounge are the others.

Need a map? Here's a map.

What's the festival's schedule?

The organizers have posted a stage-by-stage, hour-by-hour breakdown. Just wondering when it'll tone down? Festival hours technically run from 3pm to midnight on Friday; 1pm to midnight on Saturday; and 1pm to 10pm on Sunday.

Which streets are closed to the public during the festival?

A rundown:

  • 11th Avenue, between East Union Street and East Pike Street, closes at noon on Thursday.
  • East Pike St, between Broadway and 12th Avenue, closes at 12am Friday.
  • 11th Avenue, between East Pike Street and East Pine Street, closes at 2am Friday.
  • 10th Avenue, between East Union Street and East Pine Street, closes at 2am Friday.

Everything will reopen Monday at 6am.

What happens if you live in that area?

Organizers say that apartment buildings completely or partially within the festival zone are eligible for complimentary tickets. It's up to building managers to distribute them, though, so if you haven't received yours yet, email [email protected]

Any other ways to get in on the Block Party for free?

At 5pm on each day of the festival, the Chophouse Row Courtyard will host all-vinyl DJ sets that are open to the public. A community skate-off will also go down on Saturday and Sunday at Cal Anderson courts.

For all other festival info, like whether you can bring an empty water bottle for refills (yes) or a camera with detachable lenses (no), check out this helpful FAQ page.

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