Joe Biden came and went with a coarse whisper last week, barely stopping in Seattle long enough to be frozen out. During his less than 24 hours in the area, he visited a Microsoft exec’s home for a political fundraiser and delivered two speeches on Earth Day. Certainly not the stuff of presidential legend around here.

Or even just plain old Seattle fun. What should the prez have done during his rare Seattle sojourn? We have a few ideas.

Taken the train

The president called himself “Mr. Amtrak” during his Earth Day speech at Seward Park. Yet he shunned our regional Cascades route and opened himself up to some flight shaming as he went airborne for a visit supposedly tied to environmental responsibility. At the very least he could’ve taken light rail (and saved everyone a traffic nightmare) upon arriving at Sea-Tac. Maybe counting all those Bernie bumper stickers during the motorcade ride will be a wakeup call.

Skinny-dipped at Denny Blaine

The president was here to talk about trees, but you can’t get the full Seattle experience without taking a dip in one of our freezing bodies of water. A political fundraiser brought 46 within a stone’s throw of an unofficial nude beach hangout on Lake Washington. You know he wanted to cool off after talking about Ron DeSantis.

Ventured Underground

He may not have heard the most accurate account of our history on the Underground Tour, but he probably could’ve found his current approval ratings down there.

Brought along Commander

What better way to endear himself to dog-loving Seattleites than to bring along his new puppy for some quality photo ops? At the very least, they could have shared a puppuccino under the Space Needle.

Gotten an aura reading

Can’t hurt to start working on the Vashon vote now.

Taste-tested our local ice cream

The prez is a connoisseur, so he could’ve had his pick of our diverse cones to answer an age-old question: Molly Moon’s or Full Tilt?

Picked up a Sleepless in Seattle nightgown for Dr. Biden at Sea-Tac

Dr. Jill Biden couldn’t join for this PNW visit—she was busy with her teaching gig, her husband said—but you know she’d appreciate this classic rom-com souvenir. Disclaimer: We only accept returns in-person.

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