Treat Your Dog at These Pup-Friendly Seattle Spots

Fremont's getting a new dog bakery, but you don't have to keep your furry friend waiting.

By Zoe Sayler January 29, 2020

Seattle Barkery's treat trailer is open at Magnuson Off Leash Park from 10am–4pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

We've all heard a parent claim “I would do anything for my children.” (Even while simultaneously refusing that chinchilla their offspring have been so diligently requesting.)

But in a city with more dogs than kids (seriously), in a world where they’ve moved from the kennel to the bed, snuggled between sacrificing couples, far more Seattleites can say they’d do anything for their dogs.

Fremont’s about to test that with Downtown Dog Lounge Bakery, a brick-and-mortar pet pâtisserie taking over a spot where humans used to get their sweet treats. Eater Seattle reports that the menu is still in the works. Jury's out on whether it will include any person-friendly condolences for the loss of Pie.

If they’ve got so much as a latte, I’ll see you there whenever opening day comes around—living in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets is rough! But until then, here are some Seattle spots that’ll get your dog hooked on the gourmet lifestyle.

Seattle Barkery

Seattle Barkery is, perhaps, the city's most prolific treat purveyor, with a treat truck, a treat trailer, a treat bar, and plans to open a treat shop in South Lake Union in March. The truck is a mainstay at the Fremont Sunday market (as are its bacon pupcakes) and also serves coffee, in case you feel totally ridiculous about going to a food truck just for your dog. If you like feeling totally ridiculous, order a large cake topped with a unicorn for $59. 

Bark! Espresso

This Northgate coffee shop’s rice milk and peanut butter dog latte makes the Starbucks “puppuccino” (a little cup of whipped cream) look like puppy’s play.

Norm’s Eatery and Ale House

Allowing dogs in a bar and restaurant is a bit dubious: “You cannot let your dog bark while in the restaurant. This is actually a rule that the Health Department told us we have to enforce,” reads Norm’s list of dog rules. But a silver bowl of chicken feet (courtesy of Seattle Barkery) will keep Fido away from your fries.

Puddles Barkery

Though Puddles doesn’t have a dedicated physical location, its confections—blueberry cheddar pupcakes, tiny cannoli—are available at dog-friendly locations across the city. The real treat here is that you can order your pawed one a custom, decorated cake for $20.


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