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Where to Protest in Seattle July 31–August 3

Calls for change continue. Here are places to join them.

By Sam Luikens July 30, 2020

Image: Stefan Milne

For two months now this city has protested against racism and police brutality. Last weekend recalled June's protests: Capitol Hill again rocked with blast balls and pepper spray, fireworks and property damage. This coming weekend, some demonstrations will call for city officials to redirect funding from the Seattle Police Department to community-led solutions, while others stand for unity in support of Black lives. As always, if you go out, wear a mask, social distance if possible, and don’t show up if you’ve been exposed to Covid-19. Not feeling safe in public? This list includes virtual events.    

Fri, July 31
Black Education Now
Citing the “harsh discipline policies” that disproportionately harm Black students, this rally gathers with teachers, parents, and activists calling on Seattle City Council to invest in a “new initiative for Black education.” Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now are among the sponsors intended to bring attention to the school-to-prison pipeline and its role in mass incarceration. Participants are invited to the Rainier Beach Community Center Plaza to learn about the ten-part reinvestment plan laid out by organizers and sponsors. 12pm, 8825 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 

Sat, Aug 1
Umoja Parade March and Day of Unity for Black Lives
Umojafest is an annual African heritage festival and parade celebrating Black culture in Seattle and usually includes music, dance, and food. But because of Covid-19, the three-day event was canceled. In its place, organizers will host a march and day of unity for Black lives. Starting in the Central District, participants will gather and march to Jimi Hendrix Park near the Northwest African American Museum for performances and a speaker’s event. 1pm, 23rd Ave and East Union Street, Seattle

Sundays thru August
D6 For Defunding
On Sundays, participants (especially District Six residents) are invited to Bergen Place during the Ballard farmers market. Not sure of your district? Check here. Hosted by the BLM Bergen Place Stand In, the rally and march calls on the largely white neighborhoods of North Seattle to use their privilege to help end “systemic colonial racism” by joining with local activist groups. Organizers will provide extra signs and hand sanitizer while volunteers will act as a buffer against any potential disrupters. The march is a one-mile loop that will end where it begins. 4pm, 5420 22nd Ave Northwest, Seattle

Monday Aug 3
Take to the Streets, Defund the Police
Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now will gather with community groups at the King County Youth Services building in the Central District for a rally. On a day when city council members vote on rebalancing legislation, participants will march to City Hall to call for a 50 percent budget cut to SPD. Organizers want council members to lead an example for investing in community-driven alternatives to policing. 12pm, East Alder Street and 12th Ave, Seattle

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