Seattle police parked at Westlake Park last May Day.

May brings flowers—and May Day, at least in Seattle, brings protests and inevitable traffic disruptions. In recent Pacific Northwest history, May Day celebrations have centered around workers' and immigration rights. Expect to see activist groups, police officers, signature gatherers for various causes, and generally peaceful masked demonstrators in today's hodgepodge of events.

If your commute or bus line intersects with the march route, or if you're gearing up for the Mariners vs. Cubs game this afternoon at T-Mobile Park, it's safe to say travel delays are in your future. If you had your heart set on a latte from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, you’re likewise out of luck. As is tradition, the massive Capitol Hill location and possibly others will be boarded up ahead of the protests.

This year’s affair kicks off with a gathering at Judkins Park at 1pm, which will segue into a march that begins on South Jackson Street and continues towards the U.S. District Courthouse at 700 Stewart. The event concludes with a rally slated to last into the evening.

As for the potential transportation havoc, here's a handy little map of the march route and heavily trafficked areas. Go forth and protest—or plan a different path home.

Where you should expect to see heavy traffic during the march.

Image: Courtesy SDOT

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