Coming in for a landing (and then unloading over 200 cars) at Colman Dock.

Image: Jaime Archer

By Car

Think Seattle real estate is hot? Ferries have between 64 and 202 vehicle spaces, depending on boat size, and those fill up fast, especially on busy crossings. Check VesselWatch, WSF’s real-time car counter to gauge your chances of making the boat. Fares*: $9–$25 (includes car and driver only).

By Bike

Congratulations on doing Mother Nature a solid. Your reward: Cyclists get priority loading/unloading and thus park on the car deck at the bow. Unless, that is, you arrive late (20 minutes before departure is recommended). Fares: $4–$10.

By Motorcycle

You and your chopper cruise onto the boat after cyclists and before cars—again, only if you’re punctual. Fares: $4–$8.

On Foot

Leave your wheels at home (and any worries about fitting onto a crowded ferry) to stroll on board via a dock or overhead passageway. Pros: first to find prime seating, stress-free alcohol imbibing (cafeteria only), no risk of the car alarm going off. Fares: $5–$9.

Smoke on the Water

Can you take your weed? (And other things you should be paranoid about.) 

Baggage Claimed

We’ve all got baggage, but don’t leave it unattended, not even for a few minutes. In December 2017, someone forgot a suspicious-looking package. The incident delayed ferries and launched a bomb squad response… It was a holiday fruitcake. 

Bike On, Bike Off

All cyclists must disembark with their bikes. Sure, bike-share cycles are OK but remember: Forgotten bicycles will cause a “person overboard” alarm, which means a call to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Pet Smarts

Service animals are welcome. Your best friend Fido, however, is only clear on the car deck or upper, outdoor decks.

Cannabis 101

The ferry is a no smoking zone—any kind of smoking. While weed’s indeed legal in Washington, it’s very much illegal in the eyes of the U.S. Coast Guard, which oversees our waterways and hews to federal laws.

Idle Cars

Exhaust fumes aren’t merely frowned upon, they’re harmful to the environment. So, shut off those engines while the trip is underway and, easy tiger, don’t restart until directed by a crewmember.

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