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Seattle Met Has a Brand-New Daily Newsletter

The new Seattle Met Daily is your insider’s guide to the city, delivered to your inbox every weekday morning.

By Seattle Met Staff February 18, 2019

Image: Rosin Saez

Since time immemorial (OK, for the last few years), Seattle Met has produced newsletters themed around a single subject—food, say, or travel—in addition to a daily newsletter centered (mostly) on politics. These newsletters served their noble purpose. But it’s time for a change.

Starting Monday, February 18, we’re retiring our old way of sharing those various newsletters and instead merging them into a sparkly new daily email that reflects our readers’ omnivorous tastes. Expect it in your inbox every weekday morning, delivering you essential stories on politics, city news, food, arts, style, and out-of-town escapes.

We’re calling this new missive Seattle Met Daily. And while it might share its name with our former daily newsletter, it's an entirely different animal—one that captures the best content from across our website. Consider it your daily insider’s guide to Seattle.

If you’re already subscribed to one of our newsletters, you’ll now receive Seattle Met Daily in your inbox each morning. If you’re not signed up to receive our newsletters (ahem, we'll search deep into our souls for forgiveness...eventually), you can easily remedy that on our website.

We're also striking out into new territory by sending our first-ever weekend newsletter. In Seattle Met Daily: Week in Review, we'll round up the top stories from the week for your leisurely Sunday morning perusal. Only looking for a weekly newsletter rather than a daily one? This is the one for you.

See you in your inbox!

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