From left to right, Ruby Chow, Bob Santos, Donnie Chin, and Wing Luke.

Ruby Chow (1920–2008)

Even before her three King County Council terms, the restaurateur and her signature beehive advocated for Chinatown by lobbying for cultural programs and its own identity amid a diverse neighborhood.

Bob Santos (1934–2016)

Just how forward-looking was activist mentor “Uncle” Bob? From the ’70s he fought for affordable housing, elder services, and intersectionality before Seattle knew the word.

Donnie Chin (1955–2015)

The tragedy behind his still unsolved fatal shooting can’t diminish the community organizer’s 45 years of making the neighborhood safer with his ID Emergency Center and on-the-streets patrols. 

Wing Luke (1925–1965)

As the state’s first Asian elected official and POC Seattle City Council member in 1962, he fought for housing equality and to preserve classic Seattle joints like Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square.