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A Southwest Airlines 737 flies into Paine Field.

“There’s really no space left in all of central Puget Sound for a brand new airport. The better strategy is to look at what we have already and to expand those, and Paine Field would be part of that strategy.”

—John Creighton, former Port of Seattle commissioner

“There’s impact on our community from increased traffic and potentially noise. [But] I know I have a lot of residents who will appreciate the opportunity to be able to access their services without driving to Sea-Tac.”

—Jennifer Gregerson, mayor of Mukilteo, near Paine Field

“We need to be thinking about a different way to move people than just over one massive airport, which is already running out of capacity. And to expand [Sea-Tac] any further is going to, I feel, literally destroy Puget Sound as we know it today.” 

—Larry Cripe, president of Quiet Skies Coalition

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